Remediation and Treatment (Groundwater)

Treatment of groundwater is carried out in order to improve water quality when dealing with an aquifer where there is legacy contamination. This is carried out either as aquifer and ground remediation, or in conjunction with dewatering operations, to ensure water is suitably clean for discharge.

Groundwater can become polluted or contaminated as a result of aquifer exploitation and historical industrial land-uses. Where dewatering systems are used, there can be a risk of mobilising contaminants from remote areas, which should be taken into consideration as part of a dewatering or hydrogeological risk assessment. Contaminants found in groundwater include the entire spectrum of physical, organic and inorganic chemical, bacteriological, and radioactive parameters.

We can help you analyse the quality of your groundwater by taking samples from boreholes and pumping systems and, once these are determined, provide you with the solution most appropriate to your needs. We commonly deploy granular activated carbon vessels, oil/water separator tanks, or air strippers to the site. Other treatment technologies are available depending on contamination type.

Project Dewatering Limited has many years of experience in groundwater remediation, and offers a wide range of cost-effective solutions. Our treatment plants can be installed with continued monitoring capabilities and automated control for your project. We have access to an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment, often used in some of the most demanding European water treatment schemes and construction projects.