Pumping Tests

Project Dewatering Limited carries out pumping tests (or aquifer tests) to evaluate an aquifer by stimulating it through constant pumping, and observing the response (drawdown) in an array of observation wells. From the results, it is possible to determine the hydrogeological characteristics of the ground, which can be used for further design work.

The resulting data can be used to:

  • Determine the hydraulic properties of an aquifer or aquifers for both dewatering design and water supply investigations
  • Determine potential for under drainage, hydraulic connectivity between layers, and possibly indicate anisotropic permeability that may impact cut-off wall depth design
  • Determine spatial effects of pumping, including distance of influence
  • Assess the hydraulic behaviour of a well to assist future well design optimisation
  • Provide information on water quality and its variability with time

We offer a comprehensive, high-quality pumping test service carried out to Standard BS EN ISO 22282-4:2012. Our tests are instrumented with water level transducers and electromagnetic flow meters to provide automated monitoring, with manual measurements provided for confirmation of data. We provide a detailed factual report as standard, and can also offer interpretative reports (with groundwater modelling) as part of our in-house design service.

For dewatering projects, the cost of carrying out an initial survey is typically far less than that of dealing with unforeseen hydrogeological conditions encountered once site work begins.