Water Supply

Project Dewatering Limited works on both public and private water supply projects. Examples of private water supply uses include irrigation for golf clubs, sports facilities, agriculture, industry or dust suppression. Many of our clients have a high level of water consumption, so capital investment in a secure private water supply borehole will be financially beneficial for many years to come. For others, a private water supply is simply a necessity due to the remoteness of their property.

The first thing to consider when installing a private water supply borehole is to take an in-depth look at the aquifer conditions in the area to provide a feasibility study. An appropriate borehole design must match both specific ground conditions and required water demand. Once the borehole is drilled and developed, a formal pumping test should be carried out. Finally, the borehole should be fitted with an energy-efficient pump and controls to ensure optimal performance. We also have extensive expertise in rehabilitating old boreholes, returning them to working condition using both mechanical and chemical cleaning methods.

We also carry out dewatering for pumping stations and reservoirs for water supply infrastructure, such as in the case of Aberton Reservoir.

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