Basement developments have become increasingly popular over recent years, with a large number of planning applications being sought in London. This is not surprising, given the increased need for both commercial and residential dwellings to accommodate business and family growth. The increase in housing prices in the City of London, along with its suburbs and outlying regions, makes the development of an existing property (particularly if it has a basement) a potentially more affordable option.

However, excavation can be complicated, and present a number of challenges, not just to those looking to develop, but also to local residents concerned about the potential impacts of a neighbouring basement development.

In order for basement developments to pass local planning policies they will need to meet certain criteria, be sensitive to the surrounding area, and be designed and constructed using specialist expertise.

Basement developments are carried out through a specialist construction company, and in a lot of cases work is started without proper consideration of groundwater, which needs to be extracted using specialist dewatering techniques.

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