Queensferry Crossing Grand Opening

After six long years, Queensferry Crossing (the largest infrastructure project in Scotland for a generation), has finally been completed and opened to the public as of 4th September 2017.

Running across the River Forth, North West of Edinburgh, Scotland, this marvel of architecture and engineering has been built £245 million under its originally forecast budget of £1.35 billion.

The Queensferry Crossing is a three-tower cable-stayed bridge, with an overall length of 2.7 kilometres (1.7 miles), making it the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world. With a height of 207 metres above tide, the Queensferry Crossing is 50 metres higher than the Road Bridge and has the highest bridge towers in the UK (210m). The crossing also set a new world record back in 2013 when concrete was poured underwater for fifteen days, 24 hours a day.

Over the past six years, Queensferry Crossing has been a grand opportunity for business and employment. More than 15,000 individuals have been involved since 2011, with more than 18 million hours of hard work and dedication.

Starting in the summer of 2013, Project Dewatering Limited installed dewatering systems across the bridge pier bases to allow the Forth Bridge Constructors access to excavate down into the bedrock to form the bridge. This further proves our ability to design and deliver a dewatering package for large construction projects. Project Dewatering’s Contract Manager, Michael Croney, comments:

“It feels like a thorough achievement to deliver a successful dewatering package on a truly world class project. The logistical and weather constraints inherent with working in the middle of a Scottish estuary demonstrate PDL’s site organisation and management skills at the most demanding level throughout our 30-month involvement.”

If you’d like to know more about our dewatering systems and the opportunities Project Dewatering Limited can offer, get in touch. Call 01473 658 807 or email us at enquiries@project-dewatering.co.uk.