When you’re planning a promising new construction project, multiple factors need to be taken into account. One such factor is dewatering – Accumulated water in excavations and areas with a high water table must be removed to ensure that the project stays within forecast schedule and budget, in addition to providing a safe working environment for the construction team.

PDL Team

As a leading UK dewatering subcontractor, the Project Dewatering Limited team has the experience and expertise needed to provide professional, cost-effective, bespoke solutions to all of your groundwater control needs, for all types of construction project.

We have highly skilled and reliable design, estimating and operation teams, with the technical ability needed to undertake wide scale installation and maintenance of dewatering projects – From our website, you will see just why we are the best choice for providing a bespoke dewatering service to fit the individual needs of your project.

We have an extensive range of modern dewatering solutions, such as wellpoints, deepwells and ejectors, and are able to extract, monitor and control your dewatering project from start to finish, through:

  • A commitment to providing innovative, tailor made, reliable solutions
  • Investment in the expertise of our staff
  • Underpinning all of our work with high quality, consistent, transparent processes

We have a long track record of successful dewatering and groundwater control projects, including: Channel Tunnel Rail Link, CTRL 230 in Stratford, the Belfast Sewers Project and the Second Tyne Tunnel Crossing (further details can be found on our Projects page).

Our core skills and technology developed for dewatering projects are also widely applied to all other groundwater control related projects. Our particular expertise in monitoring and control systems allows us to provide fully instrumented pumping test and well drilling solutions, automated treatment and remediation plants, and borehole pumping systems for both water supply and ground source renewable energy purposes. As such we are able to provide specialist services to clients involved in designing and installing ground source renewable energy systems, which typically involves open-loop schemes, but can also involve thermal response testing services for closed-loop wells. For each application we combine hydrogeological, geotechnical, mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines to provide a truly comprehensive service.

Our systems are tailored to ensure that an appropriate level of technology is applied for each individual construction project and only make a recommendation when there is a benefit to the client. For example, where a wellpoint or small pumping system alone is adequate, we are committed to keeping it simple, but for more ambitious projects we are also able to draw upon our extensive in-house capabilities, supported by the innovative and specialised resources of our parent company, Hӧlscher Wasserbau GmbH. We benefit from sharing techniques, equipment and best practices from across the Hӧlscher Wasserbau group, which provides a wealth of experience in all types of ground conditions and construction environments, and allows us to offer our own clients such innovative solutions as Horizontal Dewatering and the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) monitoring system.



We place great emphasis on investing in staff training and development programmes, continual improvement of working practices, accreditation, and maintaining the highest standards in well drilling and health and safety, in addition to quality and environmental management.

If you would like more information about our extensive range of dewatering solutions, such as wellpoints, deepwells and ejectors, or to find out more about the ways in which our close working relationship with Hölscher Wasserbau can benefit your construction project, please get in touch today – We look forward to hearing from you.